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Post Malone Vocal Effect

In this video we are breaking down how to achieve the very popular Post Malone vocal effect that you hear in some of the most popular songs on the charts. It can be described as a lush and full reverb and processed vocal. To achieve the Post Malone Vocal Effect I used Autotune, standard EQ/compression and then a plug in from iZotope called Nectar 2. When using the harmonization effect, experiment using different harmonies and intervals to achieve a more unique sound to capture the feel for the record you are mixing. Remember...always mix to the style of the song. If you have any questions regarding the Post Malone vocal effect, leave it in the comments and I will respond as soon as possible!

My Gear:

Main Camera:

Main lens with blurry backgrounds:

Super crazy wide angle lens:

My macbook that edits really well:

My main recording mic:

My main preamp:

My audio interface:\

Compressor I use for tracking:

My big monitors:

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And here is a bonus:

Incredibly useful platform for building a record label. It's what I used:

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