Cool and Unnecessary Additions to Your Recording Studio

First of all, I am going to premise this by saying none of these items listed below are necessary...but they are really cool additions to your studio which will give your studio some character. Take a look at my favorite cheap studio upgrades I have made over the years!

Lucero Light Bulb

A Wifi/Bluetooth light bulb that lets you change color with an app on your smart phone. All studios have cool lighting, so this is a cheap way to get that, You can get multiple bulbs to link together into groups in the app as well. The best part about these bulbs is that you don’t need a hub, like a lot of other app controlled bulbs. They're cheap too!


Wood Wick Candle

If you have ever been to my studio, you know that I essentially always have one of these burning. It creates an awesome atmosphere and is very relaxing. The wood wick makes the candle crackle like an actual fire. This is also a good gift to get mom! The link below is my favorite scent!


Wall Bottle Opener

Nothing better than a cold beer after a long session. Or hell, maybe even a couple during the session. This wall bottle opener is completely unnecessary, especially if you twist off, but it still looks cool and people will talk about it. Its also really cheap!


Amazon Alexa

Keeping the trend of being unnecessary, although this one actually does have a use, the Amazon Alexa. You can use this to keep track of mixes that need to be done, upcoming sessions, beat ideas, or to hear some inappropriate jokes.


Headphone Stand

This will add to the asthetic of your desk and will keep everything much cleaner looking. For only $7.99, it is definitely an impulse buy, but I love mine and always use it for my secondary set of headphones.


Turn Table with Built in Speakers

I love this for when you want to just relax and hang out in the studio. You can step away from the desk and play some vinyl for a bit. It has a built in speaker so that will bypass the need for an entire deck as well, which is very nice. So just get this and some vinyl at a yard sale. You're all set.


Phone Tripod

Have you ever found yourself stacking up books ontop of a chair, to put your phone on so you can instagram live your session? If yes, then you’ll probably want this…


Furman M-8X2 Power Strip

It is rackmountable and can essentially power your entire studio with one switch. Its also probably the cheapest piece of rack gear you can buy.


Vogek 6-Port USB Charger Desktop Charging Station

For those times everyone in the studio has to charge their phone, which will happen way more often than you think. It comes in all sorts of colors to match your studio as well!

*Pro Tip*

Plug it into your Furman’s front outlet so it can be easily accessible!


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