My DIY Studio Desk Build

So to start off, I got all my supplies. The main construction was done with 3/4" MDF boards. It sanded well and gave a pretty smooth feel to it all. For the braces I used 2''x3'' pine. The measurements are really up to you, and how you want it. Just be sure the rack slots are 19''. At the time of construction, new floors were also being put into my house and the floor guy let me use his table saw, which definitely sped things up. The whole project took around 3 weeks of work.

My idea of the desk was for it to be modular. Something I can take apart if I were to move or something. I decided to have the two side rack cabs, with a removable center top. I mounted the middle top section with the 2x3 pine cuts. The the top sits right on top and can be screwed in.

Next came the primer. I originally primed it with primer I got from Home Depot. But then with a huge help from a good friend, he suggested a spray primer, which I ended up going with. He took care of much of the finish and additional body work. We used Bondo to fill in the cracks and give it a seamless look (which I unfortunately cant find the pictures of). After that came sanding, some sanding, and some more sanding; going all the way up to a 1500 grit paper. But I will tell you...the sanding is worth it.

After priming, it was time for paint. Matt suggested a "Street Rod Black" since I was going for the look of an Argosy Console desk. Something that doesn't shine like crazy; but still has some shine to it. Similar to a matte finish. The painting was a pain in the a**, as he painted at night, where all the bugs come out and decide to fly on the desk. So after the constant battling of the bugs, and a few coats the desk was ready to dry. I waited a day before carrying it down to the studio and racking everything/wiring everything. The final product came out absolutely beautiful!

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